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The Graphical Proteomics Data Explorer (GProX) is a freely available complete software platform for comprehensive and integrated analysis and visualization of large proteomics datasets. The program provides a range of functions for data analysis.

Visit the gallery for application screenshots and example graphics produced by the program or go directly to the download section to get the program. To stay updated with new releases sign up for the GProX google group on the contact page.

If you use results generated with GProX please acknowledge our work by citing:

GProX, a User-Friendly Platform for Bioinformatics Analysis and Visualization of Quantitative Proteomics Data
Rigbolt KT, Vanselow JT, Blagoev B
Mol Cell Proteomics. 2011, Pubmed link

Here you will also find detailed description of the the program features and properties.



User-friendly program layout

  • Spreadsheet data browsing
  • Organize, sort and filter your data
  • Plot regulations in an instant
  • Request database information of-the-fly

Graphical Output

  • Produce high quality graphics
  • Select output format from a range of bitmap and vector formats
  • Browse and organize your graphics in the incorporated Graphical display window

Enrichment Analysis

  • Test for over-represented protein features
  • Select from several statistical approaches
  • Analyze protein annotations in clusters
  • Special features for GO term analysis

Visualize of data distributions as:

  • Heatmaps
  • Scatter plots
  • Histograms
  • Box plots

Cluster protein regulation

  • Partition proteins into clusters
  • Wide range of parameters for customizing clustering
  • Customizable graphical output

Retrieve protein annotations from

  • Ensembl
  • UniProt
  • IPI
  • Have information directly appended to your data-table

Pathway Analysis

  • Map protein regulations to KEGG pathways
  • Color code by protein regulation or cluster membership
  • Identify significantly perturbed pathways

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